Camping cots and air mattresses


When shopping for the best portable child bed you might be tempted by themed varieties but you should bear in mind that the cutest bed will not necessarily be the easiest one to assemble, when you are out camping or are staying overnight at a hotel. Assembly of portable child bed frame and mattress should be quick and easy to do. If you do a lot of travelling you might not want to have to deal with an inflatable mattress after a long drive to your destination or you might resent having to carry a framed portable baby bed, that’s so heavy you need a wheelbarrow to get it up the narrow path leading to your holiday cottage by the lake.

It is important to think of all the different uses your portable kids bed will be put through before going ahead with a purchase as well as all the other aspects such as safety and ease of assembly. You want your child to feel safe and comforted in unfamiliar surroundings, but you also want a portable toddler bed that’s fun to look at – such as Thomas the Train toddler beds for example. You might prefer a wooden frame for portable toddler beds, because it is more in keeping with your desire for using only sustainable sources for our every-day requirements.

You can find portable child beds in specialist shops in your local high street, but you can also shop online, where an even greater choice awaits you.